by Northborders & 7th.era

What's Included?



What's included in the V3 Preset Pack?

Good question! You're gonna get 50+ Lightroom Presets, 50+ video tutorials showing how to use each preset, 50 RAW photos from NB & 7E for you to practice your editing. 

Can I use the presets on Lightroom Mobile?

Yes, all of our presets work on Lightroom Mobile. You will get a video tutorial explaining how to do this!

How do I install the presets?

  • Open Zip File

  • Open "READ ME" file 


Can I buy the presets on my mobile?

Yes! You can buy the presets on your mobile! You will be sent an email with a download link which you can use to dowload and install the presets onto your computer whenever you want!

Are the V3 presets the same as the V2 presets?

Nope! Each preset in the V3 pack is original and brand new so if you already have some of our other presets (thank you btw), these ones will be completely different.

Do I get a free camera when I buy the V3 presets?

No, but good try ;)

Are the V3 presets from Northborders or 7th.era?

The V3 presets are a combination of 50+ brand new Lightroom presets, 25+ from Northborders and 25+ from 7th.era. Their combined styles ensure a diverse range of presets that will work with all styles of photography.

How long does it take for the V3 presets to arrive?

The best thing about presets is that you don't have to wait for shipping! You will be directed to a page with a dowload link immediately after you purchase the presets and we'll also send you a dowload link to your email :)

What happens if I lose the V3 presets?

If you lose your presets, we've got you covered. Simply email us at saying that you've lost your presets with your order number and we'll send you another dowload link :) 

How do I access the video tutorials?

Once you have downloaded the presets you will see a PDF file that will link you to a private YouTube playlist that has all the video tutorials. And yes, they're all in 4k ;)

Don't open this tab!

I told you not to open this tab, now you have to shoot nikon for the rest of your life :/